Can I Become A Relationship Coach?

Let’s face it – each and everyone of us is and has been in a relationship before. Relationships are certainly an important part of our lives – and most often than not, many people do not handle their relationships well. Positive relationships give us happiness and contentment whilst negative relationship patterns bring us disappointment and pain. As a relationship coach, your job is to help people navigate their relationships smoothly for more joy and contentment in their lives.

In this blog I will discuss the following:-

  1. What is a relationship coach?
  2. Why should you become a relationship coach?
  3. Traditional coaching vs intuitive coaching
  4. The DARCI process
  5. The problem with the relationship coaching industry at the moment
  6. Do I need a certification?

What is a relationship coach?

A coach is not a counsellor, a consultant, or a therapist. You’re not here to give advice to your clients. You are also not here to pity your clients, get emotional with them and give them solutions.As a coach, you are here to give your clients a supportive environment to deal with their problems and make rational decisions.

You help them evaluate and critically think about their choices and provide them a conducive, non-biased environment to make decisions by setting targetsgrowing and developing.Your job is to keep them accountable to their goals. 

You also help your clients set goals realistically and ways to achieve them effectively. Some clients might set unrealistic goals and want immediate results. If their relationship is at a -2, they can’t immediately have it at an 8 or 9. They have to be realistic about the situation and set small interim goals. You help them get past their roadblocks systematically without losing sight of the goal.You also help them break their limiting beliefs and fixed mindset which are not serving them and create new concepts into their lives. 

When wanting to change things, your client will be faced with resistance and might not be able to embrace change easily. Many people don’t like to try new things.With your guidance, they can expand their comfort zones. You can show them the available options and be there to support them if they fall off track.

Being present for your clients is important. If you are having a personal problem, you need to reschedule your appointments. It is unfair to your clients for you to be at an appointment and not be present. It is crucial to give your clients your presence and your unconditional attention. You also have to be reliable. If you have promised your client to show up at 8 am, please show up. If you have had a rough night and you can’t show up, please let the client know beforehand. A coach has to set the right example to her clients for trust to grow in the relationship.

Why should you become a relationship coach?

The relationship coaching industry is a $2 billion industry and is likely to double in the next 5 years. Like I mentioned before, everybody is in a relationship. With the growing problems most couples face in relationships and the rising divorce rates, the demand for relationship help is increasing. Thus, this is the best time to venture into relationship coaching as a new career or a side hustle.

More importantly, you need to ask yourself, do I want to change my life? Do I want to help women find happiness in their relationship? Do I want to find a rewarding life purpose? Do I want to learn a new skillset and start my own business?Any one wanting to be a relationship coach without a compelling vision behind it wont succeed. You need to really want a new amazing life which adds meaning to others and at the same time gives you financial freedom.

Traditional Coaching Vs Intuitive Coaching

Most traditional relationship coaching programs give you a one standard program to every single client. This method is outdated and ineffective. The advice provided is generic and doesn’t help each individual client. The solutions  provided solve the symptoms, not the problem.

So what happens at with a traditional relationship coach – you meet your clients, hear their problems and discuss strategies logically to deal with them. The solutions are based on what they have perceived about their relationship and you as the coach guide them based on the situation.

As an intuitive coach, you approach things differently. You don’t simply give your clients generic advice – a one size fits all solution for all relationships. Remember we are all different and thus our problems are different and so the solutions must be different too!

When will a client see a relationship coach? No one will looks for you when they are happy. Clients usually look for a relationship coach when they are feeling unhappy or dissatisfied in their relationship. Clients will come to you with symptoms they are feeling in the relationship. They are either lonely, sad, abused, unhappy or unloved. How they feel or what they are experiencing are the symptoms- not the problem. That is the key thing to remember. Using our intuitive skills (which you will learn), you will be able to link your client’s symptom to her actual problem which she doesn’t even know exists in her relationship.

Can you see how empowering being an intuitive relationship coach is? For example, if your client is  feeling unloved, her husband doesn’t have time for her, he’s insincere about his feelings and she suspects he’s keeping secrets. What she has told you are the symptoms. When you delve deeper into the issue, you will find out that your client’s husband has a bond or contract with another woman. Thus the problem in this whole situation is infidelity. 

Can you see how the problem is not the symptom. When we you have a fever, that is the the body’s defence mechanism to something being wrong. In the same way feeling unloved and having resentment are the symptoms in a relationship.As intuitive relationship coaches, we don’t only tell our clients the problems, we also take them through our relationship re engineering process, which will help them navigate through their symptoms until they are happier or more satisfied in their relationship,

The DARCI process

How does the DARCI process work? When you meet a new client, and she tells you her symptoms. Using systematic charts and your intuitive tools, you check your client and her partner’s soul blueprint to find out key information to help solve your client’s problems. This information which you learn to access is empowering and will enhance their realisation and consciousness in their relationship.

Usually new students are skeptical. They don’t feel they have the ability to be intuitive. Let me assure you- each and everyone of us has a higher consciousness. However we do not know how to tap into it. Using the right method, you would learn to tap into your intuitive skills and thus help your clients. The DARCI method is a permanentrevolutionary solution.

The problem with the traditional relationship coaching business at the moment 

Most traditional relationship coaches have got it all wrong. They are obsessed with the latest traffic source or marketing tool and completely ignore the real deal – which is to solve client problems. Most worry about the latest facebook ads feature, the next best targeting option or click funnels and they don’t have the right tools to help their clients.They also lack the business acumen to run a successful business.

When I first became a coach, it was difficult for me to handle my business. I am not a trained business woman. Over the years, I realised becoming an effective coach not only requires you to have the skills as a coach but at the same time you need to know how to run your business.

A huge part of the DARCI course focuses on getting the business side of things right because in realist, if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business! The business side of things is equally important as your relationship skills.

Results Speak

One of the most empowering feelings in the world is when you see your clients better their relationships and make empowering decisions.Your goal as a coach is to see your client get results. Most traditional coaching methods have mo metric to measure that. At DARCI, we have the relationship happiness score (RHS). This test is done on them when they join you as a new client. Reassessments are done every 2-3 months to measure if they are happier and more satisfied in their relationship.

Can I get a relationship coaching certification?

Yes, why not? The DARCI certification is a 10 week, go at your own pace training which teaches you intuitive coaching techniques, counselling skills and business acumen skills to run your successful relationship coaching business.

The self paced learning modules are created with the idea of developing your skills at your own pace while creating parameters and benchmarks to measure your progress.Wouldn’t it be amazing to help women get unstuck in their relationships? Imagine doing this while living the life of your dreams in a career that gives you financial freedom.

No matter what profession you are in right now, whether you’re an executive, a current coach, close to retirement, a stay at home parent or even someone looking for a new career and a better life.running a by becoming a certified professional relationship coach, you can help the people overcome challenges and achieve lasting results in their relationship.