Start And Grow Your Relationship Coaching Business In Just 10 Weeks

Welcome To A Uniquely Intuitive Relationship Coaching Business Certification

My name is Kaysha Ubrani and I have created a coaching program that gives you all the skills you need in relationships, coaching and business to create a successful career as a relationship coach.

I spent the last 20 years finding out the meaning of relationships and I realised that relationship problems stem from a deeper level in our consciousness.It is important for me that my clients not only improve their relationship on the surface but discover deeper truths about themselves throughout the process of coaching as well.

There came a point in my career where I was overflowing with the wonderful effects of these teachings and I faced a choice.

I could hold on to my wisdom and continue with my career as usual or I could ignite the inner wisdom of passionate women who wanted to empower themselves with this transformational coaching methodology and use these tools and gifts in their own careers to guide other women in need.

It didn't take me long to decide where my desires and heart lie - they lie with YOU.They lie in sharing my knowledge to educate and inspire you to become a relationship coach - an expert in intuitive tools, relationship knowledge, coaching skills and business acumen, so that you start your own business and help others with your wisdom.

That is how Doctor Aphrodite Relationship Coaching Institute was born. Are you interested in know more? Get on a call with me today!