Kaysha Ubrani

Customer reviews

christine sterk.

Kuala lampur, malayasia, client

A year ago I didn’t believe in spiritual healing.  At 49, when I met Kaysha I was at the lowest point in my life, in a broken relationship, at a career crossroad and fearful of change. The morning after Kaysha cleared my energy I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders and I knew immediately what I had to do.  A week later my marriage ended amicably and I’ve never looked back.

Kaysha has helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and gain control of my life. She’s helped me find a strength and power I never realized I had. I now embrace change, I look forward to the future, I hold nil resentment for the past, I attract positively energized people and am constantly amazed at the extraordinary friends I now have in my life. I even look younger!

My family has blossomed.  My teen girls have stopped fighting and we’ve moved from moody depression behind locked doors to loving spending time together. Laugher is now the most frequent sound in our home.

I’ve gone from living apathetically, to continually monitoring my own energy, listening to positive vibrations and removing blocks when I become aware that negative energy is in play. I understand now that balanced energy is paramount to maintaining joy and I acknowledge that I’m meant to be happy, that we all are.

I’m now a believer.


jillian huff.

alberta, canada, client

I came in contact with Kaysha at the beginning of the new year. I have gotten several readings from her, and had many different intuitive coaching sessions from her on how to deal with my relationships. She has helped me emotionally and spiritually in my twin flame journey. I continue to work with Kaysha because I have felt a huge difference in my life. She is a beautiful and genuine soul and her intuition always just knows the right solution for my relationship woes. Every time I speak with her she is supportive and always gives the best advice for me and my partner.


vanessa perez.

philadelphia, usa, student

Kaysha has helped in so many ways in my life – from her courses to her intuitive sessions. She is nothing more than amazing. She has helped me bring my smile back. My positivity is so strong that I can not explain. I am so so happy with me, so grateful , so humbled. And I love me which is the most important goal in life. I feel like a totally different person, as a butterfly comes out of its cocoon. Your DARCI course that I am currently taking is just phenomenal – I have learnt so much. Thank you so much Kaysha – what you have helped me and taught me will never go unnoticed and unappreciated. Love you.


lalaine ladores.

perth, australia, client / student

Im in the midst of my coaching as a DARCI coach with Kaysha. Having to assess to so much knowledge about my soul and  my partners helps me realign and attune to my inner being. There’s a connection to it and how it resonates to my desired life outcome. With her guidance, I have learnt how to have an affirmation habit in my life that will effectively bring me the success I seek, easily. What is different is her approach and communication that makes it easy for you to understand and act on. Looking forward to spreading this knowledge and love to my people in Australia!


anna greaves.

valencia, spain, client / student

I am so grateful for Kaysha. She was able to see the beauty in me that I had not seen. I was profoundly inspired by her authentic and loving presence during our work together. She continually creates a safe space for me to take risks in my relationships and life and has been guiding me through the tough times with her intuition. My perpetual differences with my husband no longer destroys the relationship. We are now able to understand with each other better. Thank you so much, Kaysha, for unlocking the magic in our relationship.


dr. niralat premmanisakul

bangkok, thailand, client / student

I am so grateful for Kaysha. She was able to help me overcome my relationship problems.