The Big Pause

The Big Pause

I want to take a moment and talk about the virus that has dominated our world. The virus is real, it is potent and infectious. People are dying and they are using the virus as a way to leave this bodily experience as compared to leaving through cancer or an accident. All those who have died have left in accordance with their soul contract. This does not mean there will not be grief and loss. It simply means that even through this we have a choice.

I am going to divide this blog into four segments :-

  1. The current pandemic
  2. Contemplation
  3. Benefits of contemplation
  4. Ways to contemplate

The Current Pandemic

This virus is slowing us down. We are now being forced to see OUR creation. These quarantines will force us to really see the world we have created. We have to look at our relationships, we have to look at our children, we have to look at our homes. We have to look at what’s really important in life. Relationships will either flourish or fail as we will each have to come face to face with ourselves, our fears, our beliefs, and our dreams and aspirations.

We are being shown very clearly where this world has been upside down. Where the very few are deemed more important than the many. Where money and image has become more important than life and truth. People are seeing where their jobs either value them or don’t. We are also seeing the true colours of the leaders of this world.

Our world is so busy and noisy. It is easy to get lost and distracted. The routine and the struggle for survival keeps us locked in. For most of us on this journey we have received giant shakeups that knocked us from our sleep and began our journey inward. For many this virus is the shakeup.

We knew this was coming , we didn’t know it would look like this, but we knew that there would be events coming to where every single one of us on this path would be asked to step up and energetically & physically assist others to create the highest timeline by trusting deeply in the divine plan. Through all of this we have to hold the vision of the highest potential, the highest path.

The fear swirling around this virus is a thing… it has substance and life to it. It is very easy to get sucked into the river and lose your centre. The mind will take over and lead you away from your centre, your peace very quickly. My long walks in the forest near my house keep me connected to Mother Earth and I keep the fear at bay. I send black goo from social media was to sun for purification.

We can get lost in the insanity of news reports and social media. If this is how you are feeling, take 10 deep breaths. Count to 5 on the way in and 5 on the exhale to balance yourself. Then call in your team, the angels or whomever you work closely with and ask them to remove the fear. The more you fear, the more you contribute to the Collective timeline that is not in our highest good.

Understand that you can be scared and uncertain and still centred within your being, knowing that all is happening in the Divine order. You can be sad and grieve and still centred with a deep knowing that all will be OK.

This is a big test, mastery in fact. Are we ready to step into the full power of being a creator being or will we allow our abilities to be manipulated further? Can we hold trust and faith in the divine plan? It really is FAITH over FEAR.This is not an easy time and we will all have our moments where we can get lost.


I am going to share with you a few ways we can use contemplation to calm down during these trying times. Contemplation means to unlearn, let go of reliance on the intellect and tap into the new pathways of awareness inside oneself. It is more than just mindfulness and meditation. It means to watch your body, listen to your thoughts and feel your emotions – simply put, being in a more aware state of mind.

Contemplation is an art and can be learnt. The main purpose of contemplation is to unpick the false tapestry we has been woven into our belief system. With contemplation, your breathing become deeper and more rhythmic, your mind gets relaxed and more lucid and your fear reduces.

Things change across the breadth – your relationships will flow better, your health improves and your acceptance levels increase. There will be more flow and ease in all areas of your life. It will simply create and cultivate a sense of presence.

Benefits of Contemplation

Contemplation creates a higher connection to consciousness, builds patience, decisiveness and calmness which is very necessary especially in this pandemic. Contemplation also creates more focus on goals at hand and teaches one to act appropriately in circumstances.Contemplation also teaches us how to say an open-hearted no- we need to realise we can’t make everyone happy, at such times we need to be certain of our decision so we don’t feel prey to guilt and thus be in harmony in thoughts & actions and be honest to ourselves.

Contemplation also teaches us how to tread the fine line of balance between action and inaction – all important decisions need us to pause. With regular contemplation practices, we learn to act from kindness and altruism – thus even when we don’t have time to contemplate and pause, our actions are effortlessly right – without guilt, doubt and  fear.One of the hallmarks of contemplation is simply the decluttering and simplicity of our lives.

Types of contemplation

  1. Walking contemplation
  2. Running contemplation
  3. Sitting contemplation
  4. Food contemplation
  5. Lingering
  6. Laugher contemplation
  7. Nature contemplation
  8. Breathing contemplation
  9. 3 Minute Contemplation

Walking Contemplation

Walking is an opportunity to come into deep rhythmic harmony in a short space of time.Tune into your movements to your breath and allow your body to find a natural and easy rhythm. You can use walking to consciously contemplate a certain subject or challenge. Walks have a beginning and end-sometimes just by walking we fid solutions to our problems.

Running contemplation

Running is also a very good way of contemplation because running involves exertion and pushes you out of your comfort zone. It’s the purest form of dynamic exercise. The contemplative runner runs not to compete, but because he loves to enter a field of transformation and freedom.

Sitting Contemplation

Sitting down and meditating is not really the same as contemplation because there’s less struggle. You don’t really need to have a very erect posture or technique; you just said comfortably. And like I said, choose a subject or challenge that you’re facing right now and contemplate on it. If you don’t have anything that you want to think about, that’s also fine.This practice can take many, many forms. Just remember that. Don’t have a goal in mind, okay? Just as your practice deepens, you will experience a more inner state. Just think of nothing, and that’s really hard for many of us to do.

Food Contemplation

A lot of people are unconscious eaters. Food alters the chemistry in our bloodstream and food has a major impact on our performance every time it’s young mealtime. I used to be a person who used to run around and have my meals on the go. That’s not really consciously eating. We need to pause before selecting and eating. Think of the state that it’s going to leave you once you have digested it.Most people eat first then regret. So just contemplate, if I eat this French fries, how am I going to feel after that? Ask yourself if you really want to have it, because food has a major impact on our lives.

Eating the right food at the right time and eating when you’re hungry is contemplate eating. You should really listen to your body and its need for food. Try to eat as clean as possible because that really helps you with your consciousness. Preparing food is again, a very good way of soothing the body and the mind because preparing food is like alchemy. They’re really actually looking into the ingredients that go into the food. With the current lockdown situation, this is a good way to release stress and be mindful.


This means to appreciate every passing moment at its fullest. It’s longer than a pass. Okay. For example, when your cat approaches you and you’re busy and rushing, you pause and give her a few more minutes of your attention, that few moments which you have spent something else. We are always rushing and getting late. We always have commitments to do. We don’t really have time to entertain our pets. In this period, its good to linger and receive life at a deeper level. Just take moments in the day and enjoy that space and think about nothing.

Laughter contemplation

This is really a good way, but again, this cannot be forced. It’s a spontaneous experience that happens to you. The beauty lies in the fact that it’s so unexpected. You can however create the environment for it.  Watch funny shows or be around who would help you create this. Laughter really enriches your life.

Nature contemplation

Nature connects you to your source of being. Just sit by the lake,  gaze the river flowing, swim in the ocean, hike in the forest. Maybe just do some gardening, just gaze at the sun, just watch the moon and stars. Play with your pets, spend time appreciating the sunset or sunrise.

There are many ways of connecting with nature and one of my favourite is taking walks. Just walking and seeing the beauty in the trees. Every beautiful tree with is flowers has so much of beauty to offer. Trees provide us with a complete contemplative umbrella because their roots plunge deep into the earth and at the same time they are balanced by branches that stretch out like fingers towards the heavens. It’s grounding as well as uplifting. These little acts of contemplation are really going to help you pause and simply be. So if you have nature around you, please try and spend just 10 minutes embracing it.

Breathing contemplation

We take a minimum of 17,000 breaths a day to a maximum of 30,000 but how many of these breaths are you really aware of? Do you actually know and pause and feel your breath. Set a goal to take deeper breaths. Make your breaths more conscious, notice how you breathe. If you really just sit down and notice how you breathe, you’ll really, really feel more peaceful and connected. If we take about 17,000 breath today, try and make sure that at least 20 breaths a day, are conscious breaths. This is going to be really helpful for you.

Three Minute Contemplation

I do this every day, very, very consciously.  I’ve set a timer on my phone at 12 noon,3:00 PM , 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. I actually pause for three minutes every three hours. It’s a very, very powerful technique because what it does is that it actually desaturates your daily life and makes you really forget things for that three minutes. Of course if I’m at a seminar or if I’m driving, I can’t do nothing. But I try and just become more aware of what’s happening. Usually if I’m at home I just sit down and do nothing. This three minute contemplation actually happens at the busiest times in our day but trust me it’s extremely transformative. Sometimes the three minutes do really seem long for me. But honestly, the take me to a different place.If you do this every day, you’re going to see the collective results of this day by day.

These are moments help you pause and let  go of the outer world and its distractions for a while. And now that we all have so much time, we should use it to contemplate more and more and see the amazing results we get. Lets turn these difficult times into gifts.


Kaysha Ubrani

Kaysha Ubrani

Founder & CEO, Doctor Aphrodite Relationship Coaching Institute For Women Who Want To Gain Financial Freedom And Improve Their Own Relationship From The Comfort Of Their Own Home. DARCI, Doctor Aphrodite Relationship Coaching Institute, will give you a new business in 10 weeks! Become an intuitive relationship coach and live a life that makes you excited for Mondays!

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